As women we tend to give so much of ourselves to others. Whether we're being mom, wife, or a boss chick we want to feel amazing! What's the first step to feeling amazing? Looking amazing, showcasing beauty from the inside out. Makeup allows us to be bold, strong, sexy - not to mention a certified BAD ASS. Every woman deserves that. There's nothing a little lipstick can't solve...


Allow our team to provide the glam you desire for your wedding, special celebrations, productions or events. Karen Ficklin Beauty specializes in providing women with the epic experience of bringing their inner beauty out.


We provide the bridal services to make your dream day come to life. Including bride consultation, bridal showers, photoshoots and bridesmaid services.


We've got just what you need to add the finishing touches to your special occasion look.


Bring your cast members to life with an array of beautiful colors for varying threatrical makeup looks.


Meet Karen Ficklin.

Karen Ficklin, the founder of Karen Ficklin Beauty is a wife, mother and entrepreneur committed to being the SHERO to her younger self. After years of giving herself completely away, Karen now understands the power of inner beauty and loving herself. This discovery led her on her journey to empower women through the artistry of makeup.

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"Every brush stroke is an opportunity to serve in excellence and remind women of their true beauty."



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