Meet Karen Ficklin.

Karen Ficklin, the founder of Karen Ficklin Beauty is a wife, mother and entrepreneur committed to being the SHERO to her younger self. After years of giving herself completely away, Karen now understands the power of inner beauty and loving herself. This discovery led her on her journey to empower women through the artistry of makeup.


Makeup for Karen is more than creating a new look. It's the opportunity to serve women who serve everyone else. Makeup allows time to slow down, giving women the opportunity to tap into their sensual essence. It brings out all of the things that makes them feel beautiful.


Over the last decade, Karen and her team have served numerous bridal parties, production casts, and women with her signature touches. Some of their productions include "The Wiz", "The Lion King Jr." and "The Nutcracker Jr.". This team takes pride in empowering women from various walks of life to reconnect to who they are and to own their beauty.